Research in progress under the guidance of Dr. G. B. Pellegrini

Quaderni scientifici della Fondazione n. 7

Edited by Ester Cason Angelini


This volume locates itself in the series of “Quaderni” (rough English translation for workbooks or notebooks), which the Angelini Foundation is in the process of publishing under the scientific supervision of Dr. G.B. Pellegrini. The “Oronyms” research programme is focused on the documentation of oronyms of the Bellunese, a research endeavor which has proved itself quite laborious, but capable of furnishing a valuable contribution on the knowledge of these mountains, their history, and traditions. The research programme fills an important void which, with the passage of time, and with the rapid development of the area’s tourism industry, has led to alterations in oronyms, with often disastrous consequences in terms of knowledge of place names.

This volume is dedicated to the toponyms of the slopes of Mt. Pelmo and of Spiz Zuel.
Edited by Ester Cason Angelini. The volume is enriched by a series of illustrations and geological figures which greatly facilitate consultation.