Research in progress under the guidance of Dr. G. B. Pellegrini

Quaderni scientifici della Fondazione n. 9

Edited by Ester Cason Angelini

This volume locates itself in the series of “Quaderni” (rough English translation for workbooks or notebooks), which the Angelini Foundation is in the process of publishing under the scientific supervision of Dr. G.B. Pellegrini. The “Oronyms” research programme is focused on the documentation of oronyms of the Bellunese, a research endeavor which has proved itself quite laborious, but capable of furnishing a valuable contribution on the knowledge of these mountains, their history, and traditions. The research programme fills an important void which, with the passage of time, and with the rapid development of the area’s tourism industry, has led to alterations in oronyms, with often disastrous consequences in terms of knowledge of place names.

Beginning with this “quaderno” is the experimental inclusion of GPS coordinates in each place name entry, carrying latitudinal and longitudinal data read in the field on a GPS receiver. Geographical coordinates have been included in part to conserve and divulge information on each toponym and make its geographical position easily discoverable, and in part by request of the National Alpine Rescue Corp., to “map” the landscape. This was an operation already in progress, carried out by volunteers of the Corp., which finds a welcome overlap in its implementation with the Foundation’s work on the Oronym research programme.

Volume no. 9 of the “Oronimi Bellunesi” collects names of mountains in the municipality of Forno di Zoldo, of Monte Punta, of the zone of Fagarè in the Bosconero and Spiz di Mezzodì mountain groups already published in the Quaderno scientifico no. 2 of 1992 (unfortunately no longer available). In this “quaderno”, which represents the beginning of this research programme, under the guidance of Dr. G.B. Pellegrini, the illustrious glottologist wrote a lengthy preface with the title: “Some place names of the Province of Belluno”. We take the opportunity to re-publish this preface one year after the death of Dr. Pellegrini. We dedicate this volume of the “quaderni” to the professor.