Research in progress under the guidance of Dr. G. B. Pellegrini

Quaderni scientifici della Fondazione n. 3

Edited by Andrea Angelini – Ester Cason

1993 – 328 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

ISBN 88-86106-03-3

These two new volumes, the 3rd and 4th in the series, are the annual results of the lengthy task carried out by Andrea Angelini together with Ester Cason, to give form to the Oronyms research programme of the Angelini Foundation, under the competent guidance of the illustrious glottologist G.B. Pellegrini. The programme aims to produce an in-depth study on oronyms of the Bellunese. Though they are published as “Quaderni” (rough English translation: workbooks or notebooks), these are weighty works, not only in their dimensions, but in the richness of their content which is of high scientific value, but also of great interest to whomever wishes to deepen their knowledge of these mountains.

The research programme “in progress” is being developed through a series of “notes” — one for each oronym — in which all documentary and orally transmitted information available on each single oronym is systematically presented. The areas explored are treated in individual chapters which have been coordinated and footnoted: for the Cristallo-Pomagagnon group, by C. Berti, Chiara Siorpaes and Cesare Lasén; for Vedorcia, Spalti di Toro, and Vai Talagona, by Antonio Genova and Giovanna Deppi; and for Vai Longiarin and Pian dei Buoi, by Alessandra Cason. Aside from the work of the authors listed above, of particular importance is the detective work performed by Andrea Angelini and Ester Cason, Lorenza Russo, Maurizio Cesco Fabbro, Remo Zarnpol, Mario Cian Torna and Giovanni De Diana. It is impossible here, for reasons of space, list the large number of experts consulted.

Also of value is a section on the treatment of archival material extracted from two poorly known manuscripts discovered in the archives of Cadore and dusted off by Andrea Angelini: In Quaderno no. 3 of the work “Historia della Provincia del Cadore” by the rev. Gio. Antonio Barnabò (early 1700s), and in no. 4 of that of Mons. Giovanni Donà (ca. 1872): “I Monti del Cadore”.