By Silvia Metzeltin

Printed: July 2013, by Cattaneo Paolo Grafiche srl

cm 17 x 24, 128 pp.

ISBN 978-88-86106-40-5

Photos and illustrations by Gino Buscaini


This book presents a series of creative conversations with the imagination of the reader. The text and flow of narrative produce an imagery of places in Patagonia as of today little influenced by people. From glimpses of concrete experience lived through the years by the author emerge the possibility of an understanding beyond contemporary stereotypes. The large hydrographic basin of the Rio Baker which has become a recent object of transnational speculation for hydro electrical development. On this, the narrative offers a knowledge more attentive to place than that presented in often distorted views in the media.

This is a book which renders itself immersive due to its unusual yet realistic style.