Bevölkerungs – und Besiedlungsgeschichte in den Nord-Ost-Alpen zwischen Neolithikum und Bronzezeit

Human Landscape in the North-Eastern Alps between the Neolithic and Bronze Age

Edited by: Giovanni Leonardi

G. Angelini Foundation

“Contact between the south and the north of the Alps in ancient times”: this was the theme of Interreg III A Italy-Austria, a project co-financed by the EU out of which the present work emerged. The work regards recent prehistory and protohistory of the Belluno area from the neolithic to the iron age (5000-800 BCE circa). The project was promoted by the Angelini Foundation of Belluno, with assistance from the Municipality and Province of Belluno, the Comunità Montana Agordina and the Comunità Montana di Centro Cadore. Work was conducted thanks also to the important contribution of the Friends of the Museum of Belluno, and the research team of Dr. G. Leonardi of the University of Padua, coordinator of the project in collaboration with the superintendent for archaeological heritage of the Veneto Region. The Interreg project had as its objective the analysis of ancient population of the Bellunese, with the aim of understanding internal dynamics and relationships of contact, interchange, also “absence of dialogue” with nearby geographical areas, in relation with the alpine arc as a whole, as with the nearby Padua-Veneto plains. The ideal instrument for reaching this objective, that of classifying and organizing heterogeneous data from previous research, was realized through the construction of a G.I.S. database (Geographic Information System), a geographically aware computer system for cataloguing, visualizing, and analysing data within a cartographic system. To this end, all data was entered into a digital database using pre-identified codes, including all data relative to each archaeological site of the province, identified through study of specialized and more general literature, and through a series of direct analyses carried out in the field. Text is in Italian and German, while the introduction and chapter abstracts have also been translated into English.
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