Edited by Anna Angelini e Luca Celi

Catalog of the exhibit held in Belluno, Palazzo Crepadona, October 3-19, 2008 and in Trento, Casa della S.A.T., 1-22 maggio 2010.

Trento, Casa della S.A.T., 1-22 maggio 2010

Printed April 2010 – 157 p.:ill., 28 cm.

ISBN 9-788886-106320.

Catalogue of the exhibit dedicated to the two Castiglioni brothers, which traces their lives and mountaineering activities as a search for freedom and personal growth, lives which were tragically cut short with their deaths as anti-fascist resistors (Ettore in March 1944 and Bruno in April 1945). As alpinists, Ettore is the better known of the brothers due to his activity as a formidable alpine guide, his articles published in alpinist journals, and his routes opened on rock. Bruno on the other hand was better known as a man of science and a university professor. His passion for alpinism was not all-encompassing as it was for his brother. Nonetheless, the mountains brought them together and characterized their lives lived together. The mountains have strengthened their noble spirits through time.