Introduction by Luigi Zanzi

Watercolours by Vittore Ceretti

Anthology by Graziella Buccellati

Edited by: Ceretti V., Zanzi L., Buccellati G.

Belluno: Fondazione Giovanni Angelini
Stampa 2002 – 77 p. : ill. ; 17 cm.
ISBN 88-86106-15-7

The watercolour paintings of Vittore Ceretti, specialized in his paintings of mountains, are the subject of this well-thought initiative (down to the selection of paper). Specifically, the book presents around thirty delicate representations of the Dolomites, rounded by delicate shades of pink, full of vibrant pale hues of light, of skies striated by veils of pale pink, whites, yellows, of golden dolomitic architecture, now reflected on pale snowfields, now emerging with violet profiles between luminescent wisps of cloud, or romantic autumn landscapes.

As a secondary theme, famous and less notable lyric pieces by classical authors which traverse two centuries of dolomitic writings; from Gilbert to Shelley, from Bertacchi to Ruskin, from Valgimigli to Angelini, from Casara to Wolff, from Buzzati to Rebora.

The book introduces a notable contribution by Luigi Zanzi, graduate of the University of Pavia. With exquisite stylistic elegance and suggestiveness, he paints the plural landscapes inspired by the individuality of the Dolomites, constructing a triumphant illustrative journey.

With the collaboration of Ester Cason Angelini, anthology of artists curated by Graziella Bucellati, and coordinator of editorial contributions by Laura Ceretti.