CIVETTA per le vie del passato

//CIVETTA per le vie del passato

CIVETTA per le vie del passato


New edition of the volume published originally in 1977 which is out of print.



By Giovanni Angelini

august 2009, Grafiche Antiga – Crocetta del Montello (TV)

424 pp. ill. 192 b&w and colour 35, cm. 22×28

ISBN 978-88-86106-30-6

In this edition, the majority of the plates — in black and white in the original edition — have been reproduced in duotone, and more space has been dedicated to colour plates, for example, the series of watercolours by Napoleone Cozzi, graciously loaned by the Civic Museum of the Risorgimento of Trieste. Citations of historical texts have been given a grey background where they are of the original author.

This volume collects diverse aspects of the human history of Mount Civetta, following the history of alpinism: from the oldest known presence on the mountain in Roman times as can be deciphered in ancient inscriptions, to the pioneers of alpinism who made historical ascents hunting chamois on difficult and impervious routes, arriving at the enterprise of the most notable modern alpinists, usually of foreign origin, whom, during the 19th century were accompanied to the summits of the Dolomites by local guides, and finally ending with the history of alpinism in the first decades of the twentieth century. Mount Civetta and the surrounding area are described by naturalists, cartographers, artists and other visitors (for the most part of foreign origins) who left their written testimonies, topographic, and artistic representations through time. In this aspect, the author reads with great attention documentary records of the lives of sparse hamlets and villages along the slopes of Civetta on the Zoldo side, and in relation with the bordering Cadore and Agordino, with histories of mountain pastures, woodlands, the regole (agro-silvo-pastoral commons systems), and boundaries. Following this line of inquiry, he stops to consider the significance of place names (Zuita, Zuitón), of names tied to land use over centuries of history, supported by consultation of the historical documentary record stored in local archives.


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