One day, the flood arrived, as an unexpected guest.

//One day, the flood arrived, as an unexpected guest.

One day, the flood arrived, as an unexpected guest.


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The volume considers the rivers Piave, Brenta – Bacchglione, Livenza, Tagliamento and Adige; a chapter is dedicated to the abandoned mountain, the mountain of the Belluno province, with important references to the tragedy of Vajont.

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Memories of an engineer who lost his battle, 1966-2016.

by Luigi D’Alpaos

published by:Fondazione G. Angelini
with the collaboration of “Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti”, on July 2016

field: hydraulic engineering, history of the 1966 famous flood of Veneto region, with autobiographic notes about the mountain province of Belluno

dimensions: 17 cm x 24, p. 294, ill. 262, with the preface by Gh. Ortalli, historian,  president of the “Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti”

In the summary of the book the author writes that when floods happen they seem always  surprise the governors, who generally aren’t willing to really undertake suitable politics in the field of the soil defence and are inclined to underestimate the consequence of human planning choices which have led to a more vulnerable environment. The description of river flooding is the heart of the book, beginning from the disastrous event of November 1966, which the author could directly live, to the following floods in the Veneto region; he bitterly considers that none of the concrete interventions suggested for the solution of flooding problems, thanks to the studies and following investigations of the Commission De Marchi, has been realized. In the meanwhile the exposure to the hydraulic risk of settled and productive areas, with their communication structures, is much more increased. Moreover, from 1980s onwards, local oppositions to the suggested interventions for the mitigation of hydraulic risk began to spread, even if technical ignorance and irrational selfishness seem to inform them, above all.

The authoris a professor emeritus of Hydraulic in the University of Padua. As scholar and scientist he dedicated his studies to important sections of Hydraulic, above all to mathematic modelling of the hydraulic behavior of great hydrographic systems, such as the lagoon of Venice, with important contributions in the field of tide systems hydrodynamics and morphodynamics. He also addressed his studies to the prevention and civil protection against flooding of the main venetian rivers, problems that have been examined since 1966 by the famous national scientific Commission De Marchi, of which D’Alpaos was a member, born after the historical flood of November 1966; he went on studying the behavior of the venetian rivers since then till now, with the proposition of hydraulic mathematic models useful for forecasting and prevention. 130 are his publications in the most important national and international reviews of Hydraulic and in monographs about the lagoon of Venice. In this volume, the author analyses with a critical eye the facts that happened from 1966 onwards and that have been characterized by a “river” of words as for the venetian rivers, except for last 4-5 years, when real concrete works have been undertaken for the mitigation of the existing flooding problems.

He is a member of many important scientific Academies and of the scientific council of the Angelini Foundation.


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