Agneléze Erèra Pizzocco. Monti della destra Mis

//Agneléze Erèra Pizzocco. Monti della destra Mis

Agneléze Erèra Pizzocco. Monti della destra Mis


Located in the territory of the Belluno Dolomites National Park (“Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi”) and included in the System n. 3 of Dolomites-Unesco World Heritage, the group of Agneléze, Erèra and Pizzòcco, mountains of the right side of the Mis Valley, represents a natural treasure and a territory extensively crossed by the local communities in the past, enriched by mountain paths and toponymes; unfortunately, nowadays the area is scarcely known and visited.



Edited by Pietro Sommavilla e Paolo Bonetti

Publisher:Fondazione G. Angelini – Centro Studi sulla Montagna, Belluno

Supported by “Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi”, “Pro Loco” and “Comune di Sospirolo”, “SALUS” and “UNIFARCO per la cultura”.


Year of publication: July 2017, Castaldi Industria Grafica (Agordo BL)

Category: Guide and collection of scientific writings

Pages: 416, colour illustrations.

Dimensions: cm 17 x cm 24

The present Guide describes in detail the networks of these mountain paths, intensively walked by hunters, shepherds, woodsman, soldiers, through unpublished hand-drawn maps in order to relive them. Moreover, this Guide retrieves the numerous place names (toponymes and oronymes) of the area, that otherwise would have been lost. The volume can interest those who love walking in the mountain along unexpected itineraries, which require orientation abilities and a careful study of the territory, and also those who are related to the places where they live and want to know deeply the local history. In fact the book is very full of history, thanks to the presence of unpublished researches through archive studies and evidences about past woodlands’ management and grazing (D. Gazzi), mines (F. Laveder), cartography (G. Garzotto), archaeological sites (A. Angelini), traces of the First World War (G. Tosato), smugglers, deserters and pioneers, such as “Bruno Tolot” or “Gildo il solitario” (E. Vieceli, P. Casanova, P. Piccolo), and climbings of famous alpinists such as Ettore Castiglioni to the Pizzocco (L. Celi). Of great interest are also the intensive geological and geomorphological description of the territory (D. Giordano, F. Sauro and E. Oddone), the representation of the botanical landscape (C. Lasen) and of the fauna of the area (B. Boz), which are accompanied by marvelous pictures, as well as the precious contributes of other collaborators, such as M. Cassol, M. Salogni, P. Paganin, M. Fontanive, the so-called “Trio Lescano” of Bonetti-Mazzorana-Olivier and the researches of the “Centro Studi Montagna Sospirolese”.


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