El macizo del San Lorenzo

//El macizo del San Lorenzo

El macizo del San Lorenzo


Historical-geoglogical-alpinistic monograph on the San Lorenzo mountain range, situated in the Patagonian Andes on the border between Chile and Argentina.



Edited by: Silvia Metzeltin Buscaini

In memory of Gino Buscaini

Written primarily for the people of the region of the cordeliera, such that they may have access to greater information on this part of their cultural heritage, this book was written in Spanish with the addition of a summary in Italian. The text introduces a global approach to a mountain group which has only been partially described at the time this book was published. The monograph approaches the geographical exploration of the group, with place name descriptions, to geo-glaciological aspects with a preliminary inventory of glaciers, and the history of alpinism in the range, culminating with the conquest of the principal peak by Father A.M. De Agostini (1943).


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