• In June, 1996, an international conference with the theme: "Civiltà storiche e communità culturali delle Alpi" was held in Belluno, promoted by the Angelini Foundation. The aim of the conference was to confer central value to the peoples of the Alps and their ways of life, giving voice to the communities which characterize the alpine arc. The rich documentation which emerged from the conference was collected and edited by Ester Cason Angelini, and is presented in this volume.
  • Located in the territory of the Belluno Dolomites National Park (“Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi”) and included in the System n. 3 of Dolomites-Unesco World Heritage, the group of Agneléze, Erèra and Pizzòcco, mountains of the right side of the Mis Valley, represents a natural treasure and a territory extensively crossed by the local communities in the past, enriched by mountain paths and toponymes; unfortunately, nowadays the area is scarcely known and visited.
  • Catalog of the exhibit inaugurated on the centennial anniversary of the birth of Giovanni Angelini (1905-2005), with the reproduction of previously unpublished black and white photographs and texts taken from the writings of G. Angelini, and the display of other objects from his personal collection. The exhibit is completed with unpublished watercolours and etchings from the collection of Giovanni Angelini and the testimonies of some of the many people who shared Angelini's passion for the mountains, their history and culture, which he sought to preserve and pass on to future generations.
  • New edition of the volume published originally in 1977 which is out of print.