The library of the Angelini Foundation is an important resource, and the primary means by which the Foundation meets its objectives: the study of mountain areas, and in particular the mountains of Belluno and the Veneto Region, the spread of awareness of alpine culture, planning and management in mountain areas, and study of life-ways of people living in mountain areas.
Rules and regulations [PDF]


1. The library, materials, locations, activities.

2. Organization for functioning of the library.

3. Access to library locations.

4. Cataloguing of materials.

5. Consultation of books, periodicals and maps.

6. Copies, photocopies, reproductions, loans, instruments and services.

7. Application of, and changes to regulations.

8. Privacy policy.


A – Sections of the library and locations of materials.

B – Procedure for data collection on materials acquired by the library.

C – Forms: use of library services.

D – Access control.

Forms for use of library services:

Form for request of library card [PDF]

Form for loan of rare and precious materials [PDF]

Form for request of publication of rare and precious materials [PDF]