The old section of the library contains materials collected over time, and with meticulous attention and passion, by Dr. Giovanni Angelini. These materials were donated at an early stage to the city of Belluno, and subsequently became the primary nucleus—and that of greatest value—of the Foundation. The collection comprises numerous monographs, periodicals, mountain photography, maps, postcards, maps, and historical cartography, including a 3d relief map dating from 1700, a collection of old prints, watercolours, and engravings. The layout of this collection respects the organization of the original fond. Materials of value are cared for through direct supervision of access by guests wishing to use materials in the collection. Materials of particular value, but recently acquired are kept on shelves near the old collection, such that precious materials are kept together. This section is in a process of continual expansion. The old section is organized by broad geographical region. Shelves hold materials relative to different alpine areas, from the western to the eastern Alps. Nonetheless, a larger amount of shelf space is dedicated to the eastern Alps, and to the Dolomites in particular. The collection also contains volumes relative to the mountains, but outside the Alps, and volumes dedicated strictly to subject matter of a historical or natural sciences nature. To learn more about the materials in this collection, it is possible to consult the OPAC library system of the Province of Belluno ( A card catalogue curated by Andrea Angelini and subsequently revised by the Foundation in 1991 preserves the original indices of the collection.
The following list details the materials of the collection on display and its respective shelf number:

I – France, the western Alps, alpine clubs and associations: mountains and alpinism.

E – Italy, the western Alps, Mount Blanc

R – Switzerland, the central Alps, the Matterhorn

D – Switzerland, first publications on the Alps, exploration, English alpine clubs and associations

A – Switzerland, the central Alps and alpine clubs: Swiss Alpine Club yearbook

B – The Tyrolean Alps, Austria, and the northeastern Alps

C – Austria, Alpine clubs and associations and northeastern Alps: Zeitschift d. D.u.Ö. Alpenverein

F – Switzerland

G – Italy, the western Alps, Piedmont, Val d’Aosta

H – Italy, central Alps, Lombardy

K – Italy, eastern Alps, writings of Giovanni Angelini

L – Italy, eastern Alps, alpine clubs and associations: Bollettino SAT, Bollettino Alpi Giulie

N – Italy, eastern Alps

O – Italy, eastern Alps

S – Italy, eastern Alps

J – Guides

M – Italy, alpine clubs and associations: Bollettino CAI

P – Images, maps, photographs

Q – Images, maps, photographs

T – Himalaya and extra-European expeditions

U – Himalaya and extra-European expeditions

V – Flora and fauna