The library is the primary capacity and nucleus of the Foundation. It is made up of a broad collection of materials related to mountain areas. The old collection comprises the personal collection of Dr. Giovanni Angelini while the recent collection was born with the constitution of the Foundation, and continues to grow. This section of the library is open to public consultation, and is located on the first floor of the Ex Monte di Pietà of Belluno. It is possible to use the reading room to peruse items in the recent collection, and these materials are also available on loan. The corpus of material in the old section, which includes volumes dating to before 1830 and other valuable materials, is available for viewing only under the supervision of Foundation staff. For more information on library materials preserved in either the old or new collections, it is recommended to consult the Provincial OPAC catalogue ( The Foundation library is part of the Provincial library system, and its material has been catalogued, or is in the process of being catalogued, following the SBN system.
1. Publications (books, monographs, magazines, journals, studies, manuscripts) and working folders related to activities promoted by the Foundation.
2. Geographical, geological, and thematic maps.
3. Photographs, images, film.
4. Paintings, sketches, and engravings
5. Audio and video tapes.
6. Audio CDs and music.
7. Artefacts and object collections related to alpinism and geographical use.