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Rete Montagna International Association at PECSRL2016

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the “Rete Montagna” international association will participate to PECSRL2016 in Innsbruck next September 6th , through the Panel session P4 about “Research results of Rete Montagna on mountain landscapes. The Alps in movement and other books and initiatives”.
The participants are: Mauro Pascolini, Roland Psenner, Ester Cason, Benedetta Castiglioni and Viviana Ferrario.
The general theme of PECSRL2016 is “Mountains, uplands, lowlands. European landscapes from an altitudinal perspective”. (See



International Conference of Rete Montagna, EURAC, Centro Internazionale per gli studi storici e geografici sull'Appennino

L'Aquila, Auditorium del Parco, 26-28 May 2016, 

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Course of Geography about UNESCO Dolomites Groups

Panorama2 Eological, geomorphological, anthropic and landscape Aspects about “Grande Talvena” (Schiara group) and Van de Zità Spiz de Mezodì – Prampèr groups (System no. 3 of UNESCO Dolomites)

July 3-5, 2015

In collaboration with:

Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi - CAI Sez. di Belluno e Longarone


Le Dolomiti nella pittura del Novecento

15-Gilbert“Le Dolomiti nella pittura del Novecento”, dal 4 ottobre al 3 novembre, Palazzo Crepadona (via Ripa 3, Belluno). In collaborazione con i Comuni di Cortina d’Ampezzo e San Vito di Cadore La Fondazione G. Angelini ha concesso in esposizione 5 acquerelli del pittore inglese Josiah Gilbert (1814-1892) (leggi tutto)

Andrea Brustolon, Valentino Panciera Besarel.
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Andrea Brustolon, Valentino Panciera Besarel.

La scuola di restauro di Sedico (BL)
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Discover the wonders of the Dolomites World Heritage Site.

Network of Science museums of the Veneto Dolomites

The Network has been established to enhance some local museums with their peculiar exhibitions that otherwise remain unknown, favouring in this way the dissemination of the scientific culture at national and international level too. Considering the various inquiries coming from schools, common Italian citizens and foreigners, aroused by the inclusion of venetian Dolomites in the World Heritage List, as serial natural Good, such knowledge is not easily accessible at present, because of the lack of a connected museum system for the province of Belluno. What said above is of use in particular for schools, as an interactive museum website created according to the new technological models, can represent an important support for science teaching at all levels of schooling.